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Ceal Floyer: Still, 2014

Ceal Floyer: Still, 2014

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C-Print auf Alu-Dibond
53 x 70 cm
Edition of 6 plus 2 artist's proofs

The photograph shows a brightly colored spinning top in the center of an otherwise white image. Unlike its red base and top, the curvaceous body of the toy is shown in blurred yellow and red stripes, as if photographed in motion. The colorful image of a familiar childhood toy provokes an almost visceral mnemonic sensation of play. The title of the work may be an ironic reference to the constant motion of the toy that appears momentarily arrested in this image, keeping the toy 'still.' At the same time, the word also refers to the individual frames from a film, the stills that together create movement.

Ceal Floyer's work often uses everyday but generally overlooked objects or images to introduce defamiliarizing and somewhat startling moments into the spectator's experience of a space. Slight alterations to found objects, that are usually familiar from everyday experiences (like a hairbrush, the sign for an emergency exit, or the projection of an image of a nail) create often surprising interventions that heighten the awareness of our surroundings. The play with expectations and the misuse of technical equipment (in effect, removing or subtly subverting its intended function) are another continuous themes in Floyer's work. Often the artist mixes visual and linguistic references, often also to the site, combining semantic levels in a disorienting and witty way.

Please note that this edition is only available for pick-up at our gallery in Berlin. In case of any questions, please contact

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