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Liam Gillick: Dear Diary, 2017

Liam Gillick: Dear Diary, 2017

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Inkjet print on paper
119,1 x 84,3 cm (unframed)
122,7 x 87,9 cm (framed)
Edition of 5 (#1/5)
(LG 850)

This print is part of a series of ten: Each of the prints has a set of four basic geometric figures visible in white on a monochromatic background. A small outline of a standard Martini glass is added to the geometric shapes. The number of glasses increases within the series: first one than two, three, etc. until the Martini glasses create a pattern themselves. Against the dynamic background, the motif at first appears as one of the small interstices left white in the background. As the number increases this effect decreases and the triangular shapes seem to compete with the much larger geometric shapes.

The artist playfully refers to Gestalt-based pattern recognition often used in psychological tests.

The title of the series is taken from Nanni Moretti's 1993 film Dear Diary (released in USA and Germany in 1994) which has recurred in Gillick's work. In his 2010 Essay Why Work? Gillick put the film in context with his discussion of artistic productivity. Gillick writes: "Reporting the strange in the daily – that which cannot be accounted for is at the heart of artistic practices yet not for purposes that can be described outside of the work itself. And still, working less can result in producing more. The rate of idea production within art is inconsistent – which is a deliberate result of the way art is produced and how It can become precise and other – even while it too flounders and proudly reports back to us within the self-patrolled compound masquerading as progressive group think-tank."

A 2013 black and white version of the motif exists with an increasing number of beer glasses and geometric shapes set in black on a white background, produced for Nuit Blanche.

Please note that this edition is available for pick-up at our gallery in Berlin. For delivery options, please contact

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