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Liam Gillick: Skeuomorphic Vent Type A, 2017

Liam Gillick: Skeuomorphic Vent Type A, 2017

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Archival inkjet print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultrasmooth
60 x 45 cm
Edition of 45
(LG 983)

Making direct reference to skeuomorphism, the design concept that defined a generation’s transition from the analog to the digital world, Liam Gillick’s Skeuomorphic Vent Type A is a computer-generated depiction of an original, wall-mounted object. As such, it is a work that not only links directly to the artist’s 2016 book Industry and Intelligence: Contemporary Art Since 1820, but one that also expands his fascinating dialogue on the development of contemporary art in relation to technology.

An exclusive collaboration between the artist and Amazing Editions, Skeuomorphic Vent Type A is a limited-edition run of 45 archival inkjet prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper. The bold orange hue that dominates this print will be familiar to those who have followed Liam Gillick’s work, as will the stunning complexity with which the work tackles the organizational aesthetics that have long been at the center of this artist’s thought-provoking practice—a perfect combination of intellectual and aesthetic signatures and a wonderful addition for collectors of contemporary Conceptual Art.

(Text: Amazing Editions, 2017)

A note on the term skeuomorphism:
A skeuomorph is an object that retains ornamental design cues (attributes) from structures that are inherent to the original. The term is often used in graphical user interface design to describe interface objects that mimic their real-world counterparts in how they appear and/or how the user can interact with them. A well-known example is the recycle bin icon used for discarding files.

Please note that this edition is available for pick-up at our gallery in Berlin. For delivery options, please contact

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