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Cemile Sahin: Car Chase 1, 2020

Cemile Sahin: Car Chase 1, 2020

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Archival pigment print mounted on Alu-Dibond
125 x 150 cm
Edition of 5 plus 2 artist's proofs (#1/5)
(CS 006)

Each work from the nine-part series “Car chase” juxtaposes two motifs: on the left, a red rectangle with a time code and on the right the image of a car park. While each work has a different time code, the photograph of the car park is identical throughout the series. Its location remains unnamed and deliberately vague, even if the writing on the ground is in English: One way.

Juxtaposed with the time code, the image appears to shed its innocuousness and the view of the car park takes on a vaguely ominous connotation, evoking the notion of surveillance or a specific event to which the title, car chase, obliquely alludes.

The work draws on Cemile Sahin’s 2020 novel ALLE HUNDE STERBEN which includes nine first-person accounts of torture, escape and persecution. The novel begins with a description one might find in a film script: “We see a high-rise in the west of Turkey. The high-rise has 17 floors. On each floor there are six apartments. There is an elevator. No attic, but a basement. We are standing in the staircase. It is dark. From the left edge of the image people in uniform enter the high-rise. They storm up the staircase.” The nine chapters—entitled “episodes” in the book to reinforce the analogy to the episodic narration of TV series—are visually separated by the images of the car chase series.

The interweaving of image and text to draw attention to the reciprocal changes in meaning such pairings can effect is a major theme in the artist’s work.

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