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Angela Bulloch: Glasnost: Red, 2020

Angela Bulloch: Glasnost: Red, 2020

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Colored glass
10 x 12,5 x 8 cm
Edition of 4 plus 1 artist's proof

This limited edition consists of six small assembled geometrical figures known as polyhedra. Angela Bulloch's ongoing series of sculptures examines the connections formed by the convex polyhedra of their structure, together with their associations of colors and the gallery space. Made of colored cast glass, the surface of the vertically assembled rhomboid shapes creates an optical illusion of pushing and pulling planes. Conceived and designed within a digital imaging program, each superimposed rhombus appears distinct while at the same time relating to the others.

By changing the appearance of the column in accordance with one’s point of view, Bulloch plays with our perception of sculpture while orchestrating our experience as gallery visitors. In order to envision the work in its entirety the viewer has to turn around it, which at times seems graphic—almost abstract—shifting between two and three dimensions. Here, the artist transfers major themes of Minimalism into the present, and more specifically the aesthetic exploration of objects’ influence on spatial perception.            

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