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Stefan Bertalan: Inner Emigration

Stefan Bertalan: Inner Emigration

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orig. title: Ştefan Bertalan - Emigrarea interioară
Erwin Kessler; with two interviews and a witness: Sebastian Bertalan
Publication Year: 2016

Pages: 200 pages
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Editura Vellant
ISBN: 9-786068-642772
Dimensions: 21 × 16 cm
Language: English, Romanian

Stefan Bertalan (1930-2014) was the main figure of research-based, process-oriented and innovative art in Romania. In 1966, together with Roman Cotoșman and Constantin Flondor, he founded the experimental neo-constructivist group 111. After Roman Cotoșman’s escape to the West, another group, Sigma (1969-1982), was founded. Bertalan was the driving force of both 111 and Sigma. The two groups were the most influential and innovative art groups in Romania for decades, shaping the artistic, pedagogical and curatorial practice of generations of young artists and theorists. Bertalan worked in many media, producing drawings, photographs, installations, actions, environments and happenings, often using innovative materials such as plastic, natural and synthetic fibres, X-ray images and aluminium.

This is a comprehensive monographic publications on Ştefan Bertalan by Erwin Kessler

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