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Jean-Pascal Flavien: @shouseRCA & @shousetanlin

Jean-Pascal Flavien: @shouseRCA & @shousetanlin

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Publishing Year: 2024
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: TBOOK / Motto
ISBN: 978-2-940672-41-7 & 978-2-940672-42-4
Dimensions: 21 × 13,2 cm (each)
Language: English
Price: 25€ (both books together)

@shouseRCA and @shousetanlin are two publications from their respective Twitter accounts. Each account was one of the two voices of the statementhouse (temporary title) built at the Royal College of Art in London in 2015.

The house "spoke" in two ways. One was that of the arrangements of texts and ordinary situations that punctuated its daily life through the action of the two curators Sophie Oxenbridge and Katie Reynolds (@shouseRCA). The other voice was that of poet Tan Lin, echoing it remotely from New York (@shousetanlin).

The two voices answered and prompted each other.

TBOOK is a fictitious publishing house that proposes to transform the Twitter scroll into a book form.

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