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Julius von Bismarck: Feuer mit Feuer (Shirt), 2019

Julius von Bismarck: Feuer mit Feuer (Shirt), 2019

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T-Shirt with book in artist box, digital print on cotton jersey
Dimensions Box: 44 × 30 × 5 cm
Sizes: Available in Medium and Large
T-Shirt and book signed and numbered
Edition of 50

To produce his work, Julius von Bismarck goes to the front where natural forces operate. Whether he’s re-routing lightning with rockets or capturing Hurricane Irma in slow motion, his pictures are always disturbingly, eerily beautiful. However, he is not interested in a documentary or romanticizing view of nature, but in how images of nature are constructed and how they alter our perception of nature, especially in an age of human-induced climate change.

For his latest work von Bismarck filmed wildfires in California, Sweden, and even Brandenburg. He put together a camouflage pattern out of these photographs, which is printed on the T-shirts in our edition. Beautiful, but unfortunately “red hot.”

Fotocredit: 2023 ©Judith Affolter

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