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Liam Gillick: An Idea Just Out of Reach

Liam Gillick: An Idea Just Out of Reach

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Artwork by Christoph Keller
Publication Year: 2009
Medium: Audio CD
Duration: 51 min
Publisher: Brigade Commerz
ISBN: 978-3941185463
Dimension: 11 x 17 cm
Language: English

One day after his programmatic Berlin statement in the overcrowded Hamburger Bahnhof Liam Gillick answered in a nearly intimate interview – aside the turbulences around "the Brit, who was surprisingly nominated to represent Germany at the Venice Biennale in the German pavilion" concerning questions about his person and approach. A vividly Audio CD resulted from the recordings of the lecture and the interview. The alternation between private and public person triggers an intense suspense. When it seems possible to pin down Gillick explicitely, he cleverly withdraws to open up a new facet of his parallel thinking.

Grandfather's Promise
How Does Society Produce Artists?
Pieces Of Wood
What A Great Idea That Anyone Can Do It
An Idea Just Out Of Reach
A Delicate Dance
Red Glitter
I Am A European Socialist
I Was More Interested In Anni Albers
Conceptual Art
The Battle Between Planning And Speculation
What Is The Idea Behind Your Work?
The Role Of The Scenario. The "What If"
Literally No Place

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