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Philippe Parreno: Cahiers d’Art (English)

Philippe Parreno: Cahiers d’Art (English)

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Publication Year: 2023
Pages: 224 pages
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Cahiers d’Art
ISBN: 978-2-85117-330-0
Dimensions: 31,5 × 3 cm
Language: English

In this latest issue of Cahiers d’Art featuring Philippe Parreno, the artist revisits thirty years of exhibition practice through an assemblage of rarely-seen images of his work. They are not a collection of artworks, but the by-products of Parreno’s practice (weather stations and sensors of all types, shadows cast by works, computer programs, loudspeakers, or exhibition viewers…) They are devices used to collect data and inform the exhibition process, at the center or in the periphery of his work.
Parreno has selected and juxtaposed images in pairs, each one functioning as the counterpoint to the one facing it. Side by side they reveal connections and expose a continuity within a complex system of creation.

The patterns and motifs assembled in this volume display the spectral agents seen in the pictures that Parreno has been gathering throughout his career. As a collection of elements that appear and reappear in the artist’s work, this issue of Cahiers d’Art will explore the nature of his process, its raison d’être, and its motive.
An accompanying booklet presents an in-depth conversation between Philippe Parreno and Hans Ulrich Obrist that expands on the artist’s oeuvre and his vision for this issue of la revue. Essays by the philosophers Federico Campagna and Anna Longo situate Parreno’s work in a metaphysical context.

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